Building Information Modeling (BIM)

With all necessary information in lifecycle of factories, buildings and civil constructions

Digital Model

3D model & 2D technical drawings

Mathematical coordinate-based representation of objects/technical equipments at the stages of design, construction and completion. As BIM tools are used for modelling, 3D models contain all of the information about the corresponding item. Usually, they are processed from 2D drawings, which can be already drawn in CAD softwares or on paper.

For proper visualization of the object's dimensions, technical documents such as 2D drawings, P&ID and other schemes can be generated from the 3D model. 

Each of the attributes in P&ID or technical schemes are clickable to interact and linked to its 3D model which enables to switch easily between them.

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Modeling automation tools

Dynamo nodes  

  • Tools that allow an automatization of the modeling processes:

  • Walls, floors, columns, windows, doors, pipes and ducts from 2D CAD drawings

  • Grids and levels

  • Topography of construction site from geological points.

Software plugins

Tools that are developed to add new functionality in order to automate modelling processes or to solve specific tasks. For example, “Hierarchy Exporter” helps to prepare 3D model to so-called “pre-stage” of the Digital Model.

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VR/AR visualization

Software for personal computer with convenient and intuitive interface. The main functionalities are: 

  • Visualization of BIM data: 3D models, master plans, drawings, P&ID and other normative technical documentation

  • Remote management of production processes - allows user to control working process on the field by receiving reports from the worker, who is performing task with Realwear device. Worker can report amount of work done by images with timestamps or a video.

In augmented reality digital model is visualized using device Hololens, that displays a layer of digital information on the top of the real world and allow user to interact with hologram on the same level as with physical objects. 

On the hologram, user can select the desired object, change the scale, view it from different angles, and zoom in for a more point-like interaction. Also, all required information about the object, such as digitized blueprints, diagrams, and sensor data are available.

The functionality of the platform can also provide some helpful features such as video chat, remote assistance, and inspection when carrying out repairs or other remote works between employees.

Virtual Training

Using the virtual reality device, workers can use a virtual reality simulator on our platform to practice different emergency scenarios, to undergo safety briefings and to conduct a virtual tour in the digital copy of the project.

Remote Assistance

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Realwear is a device that can be worn on a head or attached to an employee's helmet. As it is hands-free device, it can be controlled using voice commands.

Combined with our platform, during equipment operation, maintenance and repairs, it provides the following capabilities:

1. Access to video instructions. Before starting a particularly complex repair or during its implementation, an employee can watch a video instruction.

2. Access to technical documentation. 

3. Access to remote assistance and consultation. There is an opportunity to use the remote assistance of a specialist

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