24-Kanban View in Odoo 13

The kanban view is a kanban board visualization: it displays records as “cards”, halfway between a list view and a non-editable form view. view of your projects, opportunities, or leads. With a selected pipeline at the top, Records may be grouped in columns for use in workflow visualization or manipulation (e.g. tasks or work-progress management), or ungrouped (used simply to visualize records).

Get the module from our repository: https://github.com/CybroOdoo/openacademy

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You can move a project or opportunity to the next stage by clicking and dragging it over. When you drop it under a stage with activity sets, the tasks and events in the set will be created.

Get the module from our repository: https://github.com/CybroOdoo/openacademy

The root element of the Kanban view is 〈kanban〉, it can use the following attributes:

whether the kanban view should be grouped if no grouping is specified via the action or the current search. Should be the name of the field to group by when no grouping is otherwise specified

cards sorting order used if the user has not already sorted the records (via the list view)

adds HTML classes to the root HTML element of the Kanban view

whether the “Add a new column” bar is visible or not. Default: true.

whether groups can be deleted via the context menu. Default: true.

whether groups can be edited via the context menu. Default: true.

whether records belonging to a column can be archived / restored if an active field is defined on the model. Default: true.

whether it should be possible to create records without switching to the form view. By default, quick_create is enabled when the Kanban view is grouped by many2one, selection, char or boolean fields, and disabled when not.

whether it should be possible to drag records when kanban is grouped. Default: true.
Set to true to always enable it, and to false to always disable it.

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